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Red Ice - White Ice, 2008 / 2009.
Chris Wainwright

Red Ice-White Ice is a series made at night whilst circling around icebergs in a small inflatable boat off the north west coast of Greenland in sub zero temperatures.
The photographs were made using red or white flash to reflect the temperature changes taking place in this fragile wilderness.

  • Be sure not to pick up any object that could be perceived by a police officer as a firearm, such as a cell phone, a food item, or nothing.



This is the young man that was walking with Mike Brown

it’s unbelievable how calm and level his voice is, yet how extremely emotional his eyes… his face is. How unimaginably brave. According to his first statement he ran away, suffered a panic attack and vomited. The amount of mortal fear this guy must have is unreal.

Protect this man, he is the only person who I believe holds the truth. His testimony is the most valuable thing in this situation right now, and I am not exaggerating the fact that I fear for his life. If they arrest him, he will mysteriously pass away, I guarantee it. Someone hide him in their fucking basement.

Man, I can’t get over his face. Look at his fucking expression.


Yazidi baby undergoes life-saving heart surgery at Holon hospitalAbout 150 children from Arab countries and the Palestinian territories undergo heart surgery every year at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. The logistics of getting them in and out of Israel often present challenges, but rarely does it get this complicated.That’s because 17-month-old Wisam and his father Khairi al-Shingali, members of the Yazidi minority in Iraq, have no home to return to.Diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was barely a month old, Wisam was brought to Israel in early June by Save a Child’s Heart, an Israeli humanitarian organization that provides free cardiac care to disadvantaged children from the developing world. On Sunday, he underwent a seven-hour long heart operation that his doctors have determined was successful.But while Wisam’s life was being saved, a great tragedy was unfolding back home. Fearing for their lives, his mother, two older sisters and three-month-old twin brothers earlier this month fled their home in Sinjar, a town west of Mosul, after it was captured by Islamic State militants. The Yazidis, who practice their own secret religion and live predominantly in northern Iraq, have been a key target of the Islamic extremists who are determined to cleanse the region of non-Muslims.“My wife woke up at 4 in the morning, and together with my brother and his family, she walked for four hours until she reached Syria,” recounts Khairi, speaking Arabic through an interpreter. “From there, they were transported back to the Kurdish area of Iraq, where my in-laws live. For days, I couldn’t communicate with her because the Internet was down, but I spoke to her yesterday on the phone, and she told me it was a miracle they survived.”His wife and other family members were joined by thousands of other desperate Sinjar residents in their long trek to Kurdish territory in Syria. But tens of thousands of others fled into the surrounding mountains, only to find themselves trapped without food or water or proper medical care. Many have since died of dehydration and heat.Dressed in a plaid shirt and brown pants, Khairi sits cross-legged on a hospital bed in the children’s ward as he waits to be admitted to the intensive care unit where little Wisam is in recovery. If anything lifts his spirits these days, he says, it’s knowing that his little boy can now breathe on his own. “Yesterday when I saw him, after they took him off the respirator, he opened his eyes and tried to talk to me,” relays Khairi, his eyes sparkling.It was Wisam’s mother who first noticed a problem with the child’s breathing soon after he was born. A Kurdish specialist was the one who hooked the family up with Save a Child’s Heart, an organization founded in 1995 in partnership with physicians at Wolfson, which has since treated 3,400 pediatric cardiac patients from 47 different countries. About half its patients come from Arab countries, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
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Famous Quotes That Have a Completely Different Meaning When Said by a Different Person [via]

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Michael lives with Down syndrome. But maybe that is what gives him his particular, beautiful vision and painting ability.
See more of Michael’s art.
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